In the early days of his career as a master mechanic, John Apotsos worked in dealer services for several years. Working in different positions in sales and service, he became very aware of the vast areas of improvement that could be made to provide a better customer experience for motorcycle owners, and decided the only way to make those improvements would be to open his own shop. In 2003, Cycle Analysis was opened to provide better customer service. Not surprisingly, John was right. Cycle Analysis was opened for the purpose of providing motorcycle enthusiasts with a source of information, knowledge, and affordable services. John has a caring attitude and a deep appreciation for the experience of owning and operating a motorcycle. With these values, Cycle Analysis has grown every year since it was started, and will continue to provide excellent customer support, the highest quality mechanical services, and a friendly staff eager to help.
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About Cycle Analysis We are a full service motorcycle repair shop offering OEM and aftermarket parts and accessories in the Cleveland area since 2003. Read below to find out more.
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